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QA Tester E-mail

Obsidian is looking for an experienced and talented QA Tester to join our team of game developers.

VFX Artist E-mail

Obsidian Entertainment is looking for a talented, self-motivated VFX Artist to join our growing team of developers. 


Intermediate to Senior Producer E-mail

Obsidian Entertainment is currently looking for an Intermediate to Senior Level Producer to join our growing team of RPG developers. 


Mac Programmer E-mail

Obsidian is looking for experienced, talented Mac programmers to join our team of game developers.


AI Programmer E-mail

Obsidian is looking for experienced, talented AI programmers to join our team of game developers.




  • Pillars of Eternity
    Pillars of Eternity Update #96!
    May 21, 2015

    Pillars of Eternity Update #96, which discusses the broader release of the making of documentary, is now live and you can check it out here

  • Armored Warfare
    Take a Look at the M1A1 Abrams Trailer for Armored Warfare!
    May 14, 2015

    A new trailer has gone up spotlighting the M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tank that you can play during early access for Armored Warfare. Check out the trailer here!

  • Pillars of Eternity
    Full Making of Documentary is Now Live!
    May 8, 2015

    Hi all! If you backed Pillars of Eternity and your tier came with the documentary, you can now access it from the Products Tab of your Account Profile! Enjoy the magic of The Road to Eternity now!

  • Pillars of Eternity
    Update #95: Patch 1.05 - New Features
    May 8, 2015

    Patch 1.05 is here and it comes with a ton of new features, balance changes, and bug fixes. Read about everything here.

  • Pillars of Eternity
    Red Bull Interview with Feargus Urquhart About Pillars of Eternity!
    May 6, 2015

    The crew over at Red Bull have interviewed our own Feargus Urquhart about Pillars of Eternity. What it meant to start and what our approach was to it as a Kickstarter game. You can read the entire article at the link here.

  • Pillars of Eternity
    Interview with Audio DIrector Justin Bell at gamemusic.pl!
    May 1, 2015

    There is an awesome interview up over at gamemusic.pl with our own Justin Bell wherein he discusses the music for Pillars of Eternity! You can read the entire interview at the link here.


  • Armored Warfare
    Founder's Packs Announced for Armored Warfare!
    April 30, 2015

    Founder's Packs have been announced for Armored Warfare! You can check out the various different packs here!

  • Pillars of Eternity
    Vice.com Names Pillars of Eternity One of the Best Games of 2015 So Far!
    April 30, 2015

    The folks over at vice.com have named Pillars of Eternity one of the best video games of 2015 so far in a recent article!