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Combat Designer

Obsidian Entertainment is looking for a Combat Designer with proven experience developing first-person, ranged combat gameplay to join our team of talented developers.

This role will work closely with artists, animators, audio, and gameplay programmers to determine the overall flow, look, and feel of the total combat experience. The ideal candidate will be someone who can collaboratively plan and create fun, visceral, and epic combat including the main character, AI characters, and gameplay objects across varied encounter types.


  • Drive the design, direction, look, and feel of the total combat experience
  • Identify and document gameplay systems and tech required to create fun combat with an emphasis on an exceptional first-person gunplay experience
  • Collaborate with the animation and audio teams to determine the overall feel and pace of combat actions utilizing both first and third person animations
  • Work with system designers to integrate character and gear statistics into combat in a rewarding way
  • Plan for AI needs, behavior scripting, and tuning to create varied combat encounters
  • Utilize team, player, and focus feedback to continually improve the look and feel of the combat experience
  • Create content that adheres to tight schedules and assist others in meeting deadlines


  • Experience developing first-person ranged combat
  • The ability to evaluate and understand the mechanics of a game to create compelling, fun, and epic combat experiences
  • Experience directly tuning the animation graphs and timing windows for attacks, blocks, branching actions, hit reactions, and other key combat animations
  • Ability to work with all disciplines including character art, VFX, audio, animation, and programming
  • Proficiency with modern game editors such as UE4, CRYENGINE, Source, or equivalent


  • Experience with Unreal Engine 4
  • Experience working on and a love of games with role-playing elements
  • Experience developing first-person melee combat
  • Proficiency with 3ds Max, Maya, and/or XSI
  • Programming or scripting experience
  • A portfolio of combat systems built in a commercial 3D game engine

Obsidian Entertainment is proud to be an equal opportunity employer and we are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees. 

Please, no phone calls or drop-ins. We only accept electronic applications.

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