Support • August 26, 2022

Recruitment Scam Notice

We’ve noticed there have been some people trying to run an assortment of recruitment scams pretending to be Obsidian Entertainment and wanted to share some much needed information while you apply to work with us.

The scam we have come across the most involves unauthorized third parties taking the guise of Obsidian Entertainment recruiters who offer targeted candidates false job opportunities in order to solicit personal information or money for financial gain.  It has been reported to us that these fraudulent third parties have reached out to their targets via LinkedIn and Telegram, but may also be using other web or messaging services. 

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when it comes to our recruiting practices:

  • During the recruiting process, Obsidian Entertainment will never ask prospective hires for any financial information or money.  It is common for third party scammers to request this kind of information or finances that they claim are to cover travel expenses or processing fees.  At no point during the application process will we request social security numbers, credit card numbers, routing numbers, or passport information.
  • The Recruiting team at Obsidian Entertainment will only ever communicate via phone call or using their official email addresses that have the handle when they are contacting prospective hires.  At no point will they use personal email accounts similar to those provided by Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, or others.  If you received a scam e-mail from a account, you can report abuse via Google Help Center.

If you feel like you've been sent a suspicious email that is pretending to be Obsidian Entertainment, please feel free to report them to us via our support channels.