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Apply Now!

To apply, please send us an email at jobs@obsidian.net with the title of the open position as the subject.

We require a cover letter, resume and samples of your work, if applicable. Submission tips are listed below.


  • Resume
  • Cover letter, which should include:
    • Why you are interested in working at Obsidian Entertainment
    • What games you are currently playing
    • Tell us what you are passionate about

We do not accept telephone calls or in-person visits regarding job openings.

Once emailed, please allow 2-3 weeks for the Recruiting Department to review your application.

Please note that all applicants must be willing to relocate near our offices in Southern California. We strive to build passionate, innovative teams - and where better than sunny and warm SoCal!


Please send us your most polished and final work! Iteration is key and easy to read materials are required.


  • We want to know why you are excited to work for us here at Obsidian! What do you aspire to contribute to?
  • How does your skill set you apart? Focus on demonstrating your capabilities for the role.


  • Cater your resume to the role you are applying for with relevant experience that makes you the ideal candidate. Explain how your previous experience makes you the best collaborator and team player that we need.
  • Give us examples of how you develop and integrate new ideas, programming languages, artwork, or project management pipelines specific to your role. 
  • Tell us about your contributions to your past teams and projects! We want to know about your skills!
  • Don't forget your contact information!


  • Portfolio requirements vary depending on the position listed, but overall should show completed work, digital files, playable videos and polished documentation that is easily accessible as well as clean and concise
  • Use your digital portfolio to showcase your skills and abilities. Please keep it up to date, as well as readable and relevant. If needed, please link directly to the page needed to be referenced for the job applied for if you have multiple disciplines represented in your portfolio.